Webinar 1 Debrief – REALTORS® Lead Generation with Kevin Grainger

On behalf of Kevin, Patty and all of us here at SMP, we’re so happy to have had so many participants joining us today to make this event a success! After an overwhelming response, two sold out sessions (August 4th still upcoming so email rsvp@suttonmember.com to get on the waitlist and we’ll try to slot you in!) and even requests for a recap of today’s webinar – we will be scheduling an encore event for Webinar 1 – Lead Generation and also Webinar 3 – Corporate Affiliations will be posted on our events calendar soon.

Webinar Banner smTotally awesome webinar, well done Kevin! Just what I needed right now. Trying hard to jump start my business, you’ve given me some great ideas[...]
Thanks again, P

Check out our special events schedule for REALTORS® and keep an eye out for the upcoming sessions, you’ll need to register quick while spaces are still available!

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  1. tshaw says:

    We did get some comments that the audio wasn’t working well, what did everyone think? We finally managed to get the incessant beeping stopped after the first 5 minutes. Other than that, let us know!

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