Meetup! You’re Invited: Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Distressed Properties and More…

Theresa’s Soap Box – Meetup! You’re Invited: Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today we’re here to invite you to our next meetup on Thursday, May 12th. We are going to discuss how to buy properties below the market value.

We know a lot of you out there are interested in the real estate market, but since prices have started to go up again it’s more and more unaffordable to get that dream home that you really want. A lot of people are now focusing on properties where there might be some minor deficiencies or circumstances causing it to be listed below its potential value and you’re hoping to get a really good deal so you can really get that house you need.

We’re going to be inviting an expert speaker, John Houlihan, for this session. He’s going to share with you his experience on properties that are foreclosures, estate sales, distressed properties, and divorce sales. He will go through what these things are, how to find them, how to address them when you do when you come into contact with them, what are the procedures of putting in an offer into getting one of these properties, but most importantly, what are the risked involved; what sorts of questions you need to ask and what to look out for so you don’t end up with the lemon.

Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Distressed Properties and More…
Thursday, May 12, 2011
2nd Floor – 3012 Boundary Road Burnaby, BC

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