Looking for a mortgage? We’re here to help.

The benefit of getting your mortgage through SMP? We’ll help you find the best mortgage for your needs, at the lowest rate available. A rate savings of even half a percent could save you well over twenty thousand dollars throughout the life of the mortgage.*

As a high-volume, low-risk, low-cost service provider, we have access to preferential rates from the finest Canadian lenders including the lowest rates available in Canada.

We’ll compare rates and products from dozens of lenders offering you flexibility in:

* Fixed and variable rates
* High loan to value ratios
* Wide range of amortization periods
* Mortgage portability
* Prepayment privileges
* Choices for payment frequencies

With SMP you’ll save time and energy — the mortgage application process from beginning to end is completed online and by telephone.

One of our mortgage coordinators will be in touch with you throughout the process.

We’ll add more benefits to the SMP as time goes on so that you’ll experience saving and one-stop shopping for products and services like never before. Stay tuned.

*Normal purchase of an average Canadian home, based on a 5-year term, 30-year life of mortgage, monthly payments, semi-annual compounding.

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