SMP Mortgage Application – Required Documents

Please note the following list is provided as an example for your reference. Clients will be sent a customized list via email from our Mortgage Coordinators after they have applied for a mortgage.

Property Information

These documents below can can be provided by your REALTOR®.

* Property Information Sheet (MLS® Listing)
* Accepted Agreement of Purchase & Sale
* Final Waiver of Conditions (Subject Removal) on Agreement of Purchase & Sale
* Strata Form B
* Property Disclosure Document (PDS)
* Most recent Strata AGM minutes

Proof of Down-Payment

* Past three (3) months’ bank statements (should have client’s name and account # with explanation for deposits over $1,000)
* Past three (3) months’ investment / RRSP statements
* Confirmation of receipt of deposit on purchase
* Home Buyers’ Plan Form T1036 (Request to Withdraw RRSP Funds) from your financial institution
* Bank Statement showing RRSP funds redeemed and deposited into your account
* Gift Letter confirming that gifted funds are non-repayable, relation of the donor and gift amount (template attached)
* Bank Statement showing gifted funds deposited into your account
* Firm Agreement of Purchase & Sale from sale of other property
* Lawyer’s Statement of Adjustments (Trust Letter Ledger) – if completion date of the sale is before the completion date of the purchase
* Current mortgage statement

Net Worth

* Declaration of all real estate owned for all properties you are on title (Click here for templates)

Proof of Income

All Salaried Individuals:
* Employment Letter on company letterhead indicating start date, position and salary
* Most recent Pay-stub
* Past two (2) years’ CRA Notice of Assessments

All Self Employed Individuals:

* Past two (2) years’ CRA Notice of Assessments
* Past two (2) years’ CRA T-1 Generals
* Business License or Articles of Incorporation

All Other Income:

* Letter from insurance company confirming long-term disability payments
* Court Order or Separation/Divorce Agreement
* Residential Tenancy Agreement

Cash Flow

* Past three (3) months’ credit card statements
* Court Order or Separation/Divorce Agreement – to confirm any support or alimony payable

Fulfillment of Lender Conditions

* Personalized Void cheque
* Lawyer’s name, firm, address, phone and fax number


* 1 Copy of government issued photo ID
* 1 Secondary ID card (SIN Card, Credit Card, Canadian Birth Certificate or other government issued ID)

Mortgage Protection Program

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