Credit Score

Theresa’s Soap Box – Grading Your Credit Score

To better understand how credit scores are viewed by lenders we have provided you a breakdown of a range of credit scores and the letter grade that is best associated with each range. This will help you gauge if you are in a good range or a poor range or somewhere in-between with your credit score. Read more…

Theresa’s Soap Box – Credit Repair

Credit repair is based on a premise that credit is calculated based on specific mathematical formulas and for every credit account you have, each different credit card company will have a different formula for their calculations. Read more…


Are you having challenges because of your credit score?  We have a credit analysis tool that recommends the fastest way to improve your score.

Scoremaker analyses Equifax scores and is able to tell you exactly what you need to do to fix your credit score.  Scoremaker includes reports that tell you how many points you can recover in the short (45 days) and long (90 days) term.  Just follow the detailed instructions provided and you’ll be able to quickly improve your credit.

The cost of using this program is $100, but when you complete your mortgage with SMP (Sutton Member Program), $50 will be credited back to you!

If you are interested in using this program please contact us at:

Sutton Member Program Toll-Free:  1-866-521-9557
Email: [email protected]