How Sutton Member Program Works

Sutton Member Program as offered by Sutton Group Realty Services Ltd. is designed for consumers who want low mortgage rates, without any of the frills. We are not like a regular bank or mortgage brokerage, so you do not need to come into any branches to get your mortgage. We do all our business over the telephone and internet, therefore passing on more savings to you.

If you are already working with a Sutton REALTOR®, just follow these simple steps to getting your mortgage:

Step 1 Click Apply Now to get started. Complete the online application.
Step 2 We’ll assess your needs and present you with the best options, including the best rate, the best terms and features for your situation. You do not need to ask or negotiate for the best rate, we will always give you the lowest rate possible.
Step 3 With our guidance, you’ll collect and submit the required documents.
Step 4 We’ll ensure that your application is completed and packaged exactly the way the lender wants to see it.
Step 5 We’ll advise you of approval.

Step 6 Sign papers at the lawyer/notary office and enjoy your new home.

One of our mortgage coordinators will be in touch with you throughout the process.

If you are not working with a Sutton REALTOR®, don’t worry, we will still proceed with your application.
Follow steps 1 to 5 as above.
Step 6 Search for your dream home with a Sutton REALTOR®. If required, we can send you a list of REALTORS® that fit your needs and criteria.

Please note: if you are refinancing your mortgage, you do not need to work with a Sutton REALTOR®. We will proceed with your application as usual.

By working with a Sutton Member REALTOR®, you get the benefits of low mortgage rates and professional real estate services.